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Yes, You Can Cheat at Online Poker
by Timmor L. White

How many times have you sat at an online poker table and thought to yourself that something just is not right, that something just doesn't make sense? Things could not really happen that way, could they? Especially time and time and time again! Something must be wrong. Somebody must be... gasp... cheating!

Well, guess what. Chances are... they are cheating! The likelihood is good that your perception is correct. You will probably go away trying to convince yourself that cheating is not possible online. The poker rooms would prevent it, would they not? Nonetheless, I say this to you: You are probably correct in your sense of what is happening.

Read this statement carefully: Cheating happens in online poker rooms! Yes, it does. No matter how much you want to think it doesn't, no matter how much the poker websites want to convince you that it is not possible in this age of high-tech supervision, it does happen. And you are probably the victim of it, whether you know it or not.

Do you know whose experience you should trust on this matter? The people whose opinion is valuable are those individuals who have a huge amount of experience playing at both online websites AND brick-and-mortar poker rooms. Many long-time professional players can attest that the rhythm and happenings at online poker tables is often significantly different than at physical in-person games.

After a person plays poker at casinos and cardrooms for thousands and thousands of hours, over the course of many years, that person becomes accustomed to the normal flow of a fair game, to how things typically happen and unfold over the course of time at a normal, unrigged poker table. When playing online, when events break that normal flow of expected outcomes, over time, the seasoned professional knows something is not right. And he is correct. What's wrong is cheating. Cheating is happening, much more frequently than most people suspect. In fact, it is widespread.

It is no mystery that various forms of cheating are possible at online poker rooms. The evidence is everywhere. The poker rooms want you to think otherwise, but look at the evidence.

So, the question becomes: if people are cheating online (and they are), then do you want to be among them? In other words, do you want to be a player who gets cheated (and you will be) or do you want to be a player who is actually doing the cheating?

Make no mistake about it, cheating is not for everyone. Many people find it abhorrent and immoral, and I respect those people for their views. To cheat is to take what does not rightfully belong to you. To cheat is to lessen your ethical standing. To cheat is to lie and connive in a way that is unseemly to decent folks. All that is true. Nonetheless, cheating is occurring at online poker tables every single minute of every day. Ask yourself again: Do you want to be cheated, or do you want to cheat. It's one or the other.

If your answer to that question is yes, you prefer to be among those doing the cheating, then know that you can. There are methods out there that succeed. People are using these methods successfully right now. And you can, too.

Please understand that I am not encouraging you to cheat. Lord, no! But if you decide to do it, my only message to you is that yes, it is possible. Look into the matter, and you will discover ways to accomplish cheating online. I say this well informed and with confidence: Yes, you can cheat if you want to.

Timmor L. White is the founder and president of Online Poker Systems and the OPS Group. With a background in Internet technology, he is active in the study and reporting of online-poker playing strategies. If you wish to explore a specific way to cheat when playing online, click here: Online Poker Cheat.

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