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Texas Hold em Poker Bluffing: The Complete Guide
by Renaldo Michaels

Learn the most important tricks to bluffing. Learn when to bluff, when not to bluff and even when to bluff that you are bluffing.

Bluffing in Poker and particularly in Texas Holdem is a very useful tool, but if it is not used properly it can be a very dangerous tool to try and use. If used right bluffing can give you the appearance of having a good hand when you have nothing and scare the other players into folding their hands, but if it is not done right then all that happens is that you lose some money.

a) Verify that the cash amount of the pot is not very large. Likewise, if there are too many players still in the game desist from bluffing. You can bluff one or two players sometimes, but more than that and you will fail because there will always be either one or two poker players who play aggressively and do not flinch in the face of an aggressive player.

3) If you are in the last position before the dealer and no one has raised the pot raise the hand bigger then anyone raised th4e hand so far. This will tell the other players you have a strong hand, and since no one raised the hand in the last round it means that they have no confidence in their hands or they are hoping to get the card they need in the next round, and a large bet here may make them change their minds about staying in the hand, but do not make the bet ridiculously large the good players at the table will see thru you and will call your bluff.

3) If you are seated in such a way that your turn is last, then, raise the bet more than usual if no one else has raised it before you. This means that none of the others have strong enough cards to win, but they are hoping to get the cards that will turn their hand into a formidable one. Such players may get frightened if they notice you betting with large amounts. This is the time to bluff. But bet just enough to frighten away the meek but not to shake the bold. Then, these will remain thinking you are bluffing.

4) The best time for bluffing is just after you have won a big round where someone forced you to expose your cards and you revealed a strong hand. All the players around will start to gaze at you with respect. Exactly this is the time to strike and bluff the next round while they are still weary of confronting you and the cards you hold. If possible, try and play this Texas hold'em round in exactly the same way you did the previous one and this will confuse them completely.

5) Watch the cards opened up on the deck. If there is a pair down, and if that pair is made up of a value less than nine, try and bluff. Odds are high that others will think you have the rest of that pair or at least a card to make up a triple. Use this and bet accordingly.

6) Pay attention to how the other players at your table but and what their hands are at the end. Poker players who only bet when they have strong hands are the easiest to beat. All you have to do is wait till they are not betting and you know they have a weak hand so if you push them they will fold for fear of losing any more money on a bad hand.

Summing it all up:
The better an actor and a liar you are the easier it will be for you to fool people with your bluff. When you do decide to bluff be careful not to go overboard, bluffing is a part of poker and everyone knows it and is always on the lookout for a bluff. Good Luck and Happy Playing.

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