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Rules Of Let It Ride Poker
by Addy Watson

The Game

The game of Let It Ride is a poker card game with a standard 52-card deck on a blackjack style table. The objective in ‘Let it Ride’ is to get a pair of tens or better, by "riding" up to three bets. The players try and achieve this by combining their three "dealt" cards given to each of them and two "community" cards given to the dealer. Bets are laid out the right hand side of the table, so that all the players can view them. Unlike traditional poker games, players do not compete against each other in Let It Ride. Instead, they play against the casino wherein good poker hands are rewarded. It is rather easy and exciting to play Let It Ride poker. The game suits everyone, even novices, although experience is always be an added advantage in any form of online gambling or casino gambling. By playing Let It Ride, you can let your bets ‘ride’ and win huge jackpots in no time at all. All you need is your winning instinct and the blessing of Lady Luck!

Rules Of Playing Let It Ride

The game begins with three bets of equal amounts made by each player in three circles marked "1", "2" and "$". Then each player receives three cards from the dealer while two "community" cards are kept face down by the dealer for himself.
Once the players have had a look at all the three cards, each player is allowed to cancel one of the three bets placed in one of the circles by indicating to the dealer to push it back to the player. Alternatively, the player can let the bet "ride" and continue in the game. Once a player decides to keep the bet on and "let it ride", the bet stays on the table until the game is completed. On the other hand, if the player chooses to withdraw the bet, it goes out of the game.

Then the dealer turns one of the two "community cards" face up for all the hands. Now, each player has the second option to withdraw another of the bets placed or "let it ride". The previous decision of withdrawing or keeping the first bet in play does not have any connection to the second decision. Regardless of whether a player has withdrawn a bet or not the first time, the player still has this second chance. Once the choice is made, the betting is over. It is important to remember that the option of keeping or withdrawing your bet is only applicable for circles "1" and "2", as the bet for circle "$" always stays in play. Once the second choice has been made, the dealer completes the hands of all the players by turning over the second "community" card.

Then all of the cards are revealed and the winners are paid on the basis of hands that are equal or better than a pair of tens. If the combination of the five card hand does not result in a pair of tens or better, the bet on circle "$" is collected by the dealer including any of the other bets that the player has chosen to "ride". On the other hand, if the combination does give the player a pair of tens or better, the bet on circle "$" including the other bets left in the play is paid by the dealer. The amount awarded is decided according to the payout table.

Winning Strategies

The primary objective of playing Let It Ride is to get a pair of tens or better. So the most important thing you need to know and understand is when to let your bets "ride".

Once you have received the first three cards you can reconsider the option of letting your bet "ride" in case you do not have three cards to a royal or straight flush. You can also withdraw your bet if you do not have a pair of tens or better or any cards that are three of a kind.

When you have seen the fourth card, it is better to take back your bet if you do not have cards that are three or four of a kind or are a pair of tens or better. If you do not have a four-card flush or four-card royal or straight flush, you should again think about withdrawing your bet. It is important to remember that you have the option of removing your second bet even if you have let your first bet ‘ride’ and play accordingly.

On the other hand, you can let the bet on circle "1" ride if you have the first three cards with a pair of tens or better or a Ten Jack Queen. While deciding on the bet on circle "2" you should check whether your first four cards are pairs of tens or better or four high cards (10 or higher) or are four open end (straight) cards. You should also let your bet "ride" if you have two pairs of cards (among the first four).

Table Limits

While playing Let It Ride, a table limit of $25,000 is often imposed by many casinos in order to restrict you from winning too much and keep the business interest of the casino intact. Therefore, you should check the casino’s rules before beginning to play so that you are not disappointed at the end.

The limit of $25,000 allows you to place 15 bets and let the bets ‘ride’ on all three betting circles so that even if you win a royal flush, instead of $45,000 you will receive only $25,000. You can win $45,000 in a royal flush at casinos that do not have any table limits.

Aside from the three standard circles of betting some casinos offer a bonus game of 1$, an optional bet, which is placed before the actual game begins. Specific hands can yield additional payouts for this bet.

Standard Payouts

Tens or better gives a 1 – 1 payout.
Two pair: pays 2 – 1
Three of a kind: pays 3 - 1
Straight: pays 5 - 1
Flush: pays 8 - 1
Full house: pays 11 - 1
Four of a kind: pays 50 - 1
Straight flush: pays 200 - 1
Royal flush: pays 1,000 - 1

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