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Poker advice – about rakeback, bluffing, pot odds
by Ckint Jhonson

One of the things that advertised online poker rooms have to offer is rakeback. This is the word that makes things easier when it comes to online poker. Online poker rakeback deals are basically the way to get a part of the money that you pay to online poker rooms for playing called rake, back.

Affiliates of online poker rooms, as a third party, administer online poker rakeback deals. However, not all poker rooms allow their affiliates to offer online poker rakeback. On top of that, some affiliates do not respect this agreement and if you are unfortunate enough to sign up with such an affiliate you risk losing both your account and your winnings along with it. A website that you can trust to handle your online poker rakeback is By visiting it, you can find out how much one can earn from rakeback and what poker rooms offer the best deals referring to rakeback.

What you should keep in mind is that rakeback is part of the rake you pay to online poker rooms. The rake that you pay is not part of the money you deposit in your account, but a part of all winnings that you play at poker tables. So to win as much as you can and lose as little as possible, you should benefit from online poker rakeback deals. Your style of play is unique of course as it is for every poker player, but learning a few things from poker experts is the best advice you’ll ever receive. A tip on how to get back a part of your money is to use rakeback, but there are many more things to find out about poker and successful gambling.

The game of poker is based on cards and on the best hands, but it is not always the best hand that wins. Another side of poker winning is bluffing and do should not take this easily because it is an art. The guy who knows how and when to bluff can have a winning advantage over the guy that plays safe and only bets when he has a good hand. Bluffing requires talent to win the big bucks, but spotting a bluffer is not very difficult when the players are experienced. Not even the best bluffers are able to control their every movement and gesture and any mistake can talk about their bluff. Bluffing is mostly acting, but on a psychological level there are a few hints that can help you spot the persons who play this way. These signs are called “tells” and they occur often enough to be taken as giveaways. The most often used technique is acting as if a player has the greatest hand when in fact he has nothing and vice versa.

You should always be aware of the way that a player bets during the game because the bluffer is spotted when he bets big on a weak hand, but then again he might bet like that because he is sure of the win. Stay focused on the way he bets his hands and what cards he has. A player that bluffs is also easily identifiable when he suddenly starts to get friendly while during all the past games he has been quiet and hasn’t said too much. Breathing patterns are also something that you should keep an eye on for every player, because some use this to deceive you showing it as a sign of weakness when in fact he’s got a good hand. There are a few more “tells” that players have little control over, but in online poker rooms you cannot use them all because you do not have the players next to you.

Something that can help you in your poker play is pot odds. That can be used when you are in a tight spot and don’t know whether you should go on betting or fold. A rugged explanation of pot odds would be to calculate the number of cards that can help you if turned from the number of card that are still in the game and the percentage that the bet that you must call represents from the entire pot. If the chances you have for your cards are higher that the percentage the bet represents from the entire pot, you should definitely bet. If the number is about even, then you have a dilemma on your hands and the decision you make will be based on your style of play, but keep in mind that the odds in this situation are not quite in your favor. If the percentage of the bet is higher than your chances of getting a good card, then you should fold because it is not worth the risk.

Given these helpful hints you should spot bluffers and earn more money. If you earn more money and play more poker, you also earn more rakeback. Being a successful poker player helps increase your online poker rakeback and therefore your online poker income. Rakeback is something that all poker players should benefit from.

If you are an online poker you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make more money for free. Logging on to poker rooms through online poker rakeback sites can increase your budget by receiving back a part of the rake you pay to poker rooms. This option is not too much bother for you and at the same time helps you add the rackeback to your account winnings.

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