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Poker Tips To Turn A Profit
by Arne

Poker isn't like playing the lottery. It comes down to an addictive concoction of skill, experience, control, guts and luck. With the exception of luck, you can control all other variables to increase your chances of clearing the table. This article provides an overview of the tips and tricks that'll get you there.

Be Prepared To Fold: If you’re playing more hands than you should, then its obvious that the quality of your hands will be less on average. This means that your chances of losing are higher. Poker players need to display patience when they don't have good hands coming up, with some exceptions, so keep this in mind at all times.

Keep a Level Head: Don't drink and play poker at the same time. If you insist on drinking and playing poker than don't get drunk and play poker. This is okay when your playing with friends or when winning isn't important, however losing should never be an option. Keep a level head, and contribute your earnings towards having a drink when you can afford to relax.

Bluffing: Many people who don't know poker assume it all comes down to ones ability to bluff. It's this naivety that makes beginner's luck a rarity on the poker table. Don't bluff until you know what your doing. If your always having to get to the showdown, every time, then bluffing is a pointless exercise.

Don't Stay Because You're In: As soon as money hits the pot it isn't yours any more. Act like it is, and your on your way to maximizing losses every single time you lose a hand. If your sure your beaten then don't keep on playing until the end. Remember, minimizing your losses and maximizing your earnings are what pokers all about. You can't win every hand.

Calling can be a Dumb Move: Why call on hands that you know you've lost? Yes sure, sometimes there are grey areas. Like when you want intelligence or when you just might win. Always consider risk reward ratio, and also consider that you may be assisting other players around the table on your dime.

Emotionless Play: When you let emotions get in the way of poker everyone can taste it. If they're skilled they will pounce. Make sure you don't let them by knowing when you’re losing emotionally. If your playing a game where tactics are being blurred by emotions it's time to take a break.

Playing Above Your Means: This is the biggest mistake that poker players make. They play above their means and end up shifting a game of skill into a game of luck. Hand by hand poker is influenced by luck and skill. The more hands you play, the closer towards that equilibrium you become. Therefore don't let everything come down to a few hands by playing for money that you can't afford to lose. A large ego is a poker player's worst enemy. Don't play above your means to glorify how you perceived.

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