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Poker Cheats
by Uladzislau Suski

Those were the days, when poker was played in real brick and mortar poker rooms, on real tables and with real people seated all around you. The atmosphere was tension itself, especially in those high rolling games, and the people were all (well, almost) full of genial charm and smiles as they artfully covered their real intentions. And poker cheats, well, poker cheats were found out and shot dead most of the time.

So alright, this might not be exactly true, but I have to confess that I do like my Westerns and grew up with the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood as my companions.

I do have to say that I liked it when the desperate little weasel – he was always a desperate little man with bad dental hygiene – would look greedily at the pot on the table and smile to himself because he knew that he was going to get away with his scam.

Of course this never happened. Since this was Hollywood the good guys had to triumph and so the little weasel never saw a penny of the pot and most likely would eat a bullet to boot. In Hollywood poker cheats never triumphed, at least not in those days.

Not that I am advocating this sort of action you understand, it just made for much better story. Just think about it, what if online poker had been around when all those great movies had been made, what would have happened?

“Hey, you, GrY546, I know that you have a card held up your sleeve – I just can’t prove it because I’m half a continent away and can’t really see you anyway. Besides, now that I come to think of it why would you need a card up your sleeve?”

Can you just see how that would have played out? Disgraceful, I tell you! Poker cheats of the silver screen beware!

Or would an entire generation of people have even bothered to learn to play poker if Matt Damon had been playing in online games in “Rounders”? And let’s face it, would the recent James Bond flick, “Casino Royale”, have been the same if Bond had been playing online? Seriously, what has the world come to, I ask you, when people are playing poker in their bathrobes and slippers?

Poker cheats and the silver screen aside, you must admit that it is a sad thing indeed to imagine that one day we will all be playing on anonymous computer screens in the luxury of our own homes without that essential piece of social interaction which makes poker what it is. Food for thought really.

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