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Playing Poker Online - A Few Tips
by Kenneth Bateman

It’s easy nowadays to learn to play poker online.There are countless good books on the subject, many written by top professionals, as well as on-line tutorials, and dvd’s that explain the various rules, strategies, etc of poker, so that anyone with an affinity for the game, and a strong desire to learn can become a proficient player in a comparatively short period of time.

One of the advantages of playing poker face-to-face is that players with keen powers of observation can observe other players so-called “tells,” methods of betting that can help to evaluate whether or not a player is bluffing, or playing a strong hand, or mannerisms a player may show when playing strong or weak hands that help other players in their opposing strategies. Boiled down to its very basics, that’s what poker is all about; guessing what is in the other person’s hand, and making the other players guess whether you are bluffing or playing a strong hand.

In online poker the visual aspect of the game is of course, lacking, however, some players can be easy to “read” if they continuously play in the same manner; for example. playing aggressively with a strong hand or conservatively with a hand that does not inspire confidence. These players are more common on-line than one would suppose. These are players who have not done their homework and come into the games with little knowledge and false confidence. These players are the ones who quickly line the pockets of skilled players. It is important to note that the time it takes for a player to call or raise does not necessarily create a “tell” for that player. This can be misleading since the player may be involved in more than one game or has had some at-home distraction.

Another very important factor to consider is that online poker games proceed at a far faster pace than at a brick-and-mortar casino. A full internet table can often go through more than twice as many hands than at a live table. What that means is that rapid money swings can catch you unawares. You can win or lose much faster than you might expect.

The bottom line on the monetary aspect of poker play, and all good tutorials emphasize this, is to play within your means. Monetary peaks and valleys are an integral part of poker play, so discipline is one of the primary things to learn above all else. It is the one asset you have that will keep you from overplaying your bankroll . And don’t forget, it takes discipline to optimize your poker-playing strategies as well.

As regarding multi-games, they are to be avoided until you have gained the skills and experience necessary to be considered a good player. Multi-games are for the seasoned professionals who often play three or four games simultaneously, with the strategic objective of positioning themselves with a big stack in one or two games in order to reach the final table or tables, while understanding that they will most likely bust out in the other games.

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