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5 Common Errors Which Will See You Lose
by Sacha Tarkovsky

The poker playing errors below are common and made by many novice players entering the exciting world of poker playing.

They believe winning at online poker is easy and these errors are caused by the fact they are trying to hard to win and the poker playing errors they make guarantee they lose.

These poker playing errors are very common so make sure your not making them!

Here are the five common poker mistakes to avoid:

Bluffing a Weak Player

Novice players simply want to play and be in on the action and this means they play to many hands

They lack the experience to know when the odds are against them and lack the discipline to fold.

They think they should try to win with every hand and that they will be lucky.

If you want to win, big at poker you can't rely on luck you need patience, discipline and skill.

Good players play their opponents not the cards, does a player have a better hand than them if so they fold and donít try and win when they canít.

You need to know when to hold them and when to fold them if you donít you wont win longer term.

Bluffing we all love it, but for it to be effective it must be used sparingly, or you will be spotted and taken out by other players.

Playing Weak Hands in Early Position

It is very easy in online poker to not really notice the position you are playing in.

Playing marginal hands from an early position means the odds are stacked against you from the outset.

You have no idea what the other player's cards are and how they intend to play, as all positions are not revealed

Players in early position play tight.

When you are in late position you can afford looser play as you have more information to base your play on from other playerís actions.

Emotional Playing

Some players thinks that if they play long enough they will win However, the harder the player tries to win his losses back the more he loses.

Emotions of greed and frustration are to the fore and trying to hard means they are trying to force the cards to be in their favor and poker is not like that!

Poker is a game that relies on discipline and patience.

All poker players can lose in the short term, even the big proís and you need to understand this keep your discipline and emotions in check.

If you want to lose your bankroll quickly then this poker playing error will help you do it quickly.

Poor Money Management

Most novice players don't have any idea how to manage their bankroll.

They play in games they cannot afford or games where the other players are too savvy and smart and lose quickly.

If you are a novice start in lower limit games to gain experience and then move up levels slowly as you sharpen youíre playing skills.

Becoming a good poker player takes time and you donít want to move to quickly, if you do you will simply end up losing

Not Knowing Pot Odds

Pot odds are essential to winning and getting the odds in your favor so make sure you know them.

The concept of pot odds can help you decide if you should call to see the next card on the board.

Few novice players understand the concept of pot odds; they simply donít bother to learn and end up calling too much and lose.

Getting ready for big profits

Poker is a psychological war, you are not playing the cards you are playing your opponent. You need to make sure you have a plan based upon discipline patience and skill to beat him.

Successful Poker playing also takes time and winning cannot be rushed, so doní make these errors.

Do the opposite and you could soon be raking in the big pots you want.

More Free Information

On poker playing errors and more tips and strategies to win in poker and all majorcasino games visit our website

More Free Information

On poker playing errors and more tips and strategies to win in poker and all majorcasino games visit our website

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